Amazon Alexa
Smart Life Road Show

Amazon Alexa took an Airstream across the U.S.A to showcase the future of smart home living.


Leverage Amazon Alexa’s partnership with Intel to bring the future of smart home innovation to consumers across the country.


We knew we needed to connect with people on the ground with a product driven experience that allowed them to picture themselves incorporating Alexa AI in their own home. We also wanted to start a conversation about AI and how consumers had choices when it comes to brands, products and areas in the house where this technology can be incorporated. Making this conversation simple while demoing products was key in building trust and a comfort level for everyday users.    Airstream, like Amazon, is an iconic American brand with an unforgettable aesthetic.


We produced a smart home Airstream trailer outfitted with the latest advances in conversational AI technology.

The fully-customized airstream travelled across the country for six months, demonstrating over 30 devices for guests to test out. Attendees got to experience first-hand just how the integration of Alexa-enabled intelligent technology can transform the way they live their lives. Over the course of the tour, the Airstream visited 13 states and activated for 36 days at industry events, such as the AWS summit and CES, plus a 49ers NFL tailgate and at multiple college campuses across the nation.


Gave over 11,000 demos to visiting consumers throughout the entirety of the tour

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