AMC Networks
Global Payment Preferences


To support AMCN’s continued rollout of its streaming services internationally, we analyzed payment type and platform preferences across 47 countries. This ensures that as AMCN expands they work to accept the most relevant and popular forms of payment in each territory to maximize its potential customer base.


  • PayPal appears in the top 2 forms of payment in over 60% of the countries we analyzed, most notably in Europe and Latin America.
  • ApplePay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay all regularly outrank American Express for consumers having used them in the previous month.
  • Digital wallets are on the ride across all territories as smartphone penetration increases; quick and easy smartphone purchases will be increasingly important to consumers.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods are increasing in popularity, particularly in Southeast Asia. At least one of these services, Klarna, now offers subscription payments as well as one-time purchase.


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