Birra Moretti
The Shared Table

Birra Moretti shares the benefits of enjoying life’s Simple Pleasures


Moretti had experienced very high sales in Ireland since it’s launch. In order to further establish the brand in the minds of the Irish consumer, the next step was to immerse them in the brand DNA.


Moretti is a proud Italian brand but there is a fine line between authentic Italian and cliché. Instead of an aesthetic heavy stunt that only connects at a surface level, we want to really immerse consumers in the brand DNA. To go deeper with an authentic, cultural-driven approach to this campaign.

Irish and Italian cultures are similar in that they like coming together. However the practices differ a lot – we need to find the sweet spot between the two so we don’t end up with some sort of Frankenstein cultural experience.


A series of intimate and stimulating social gatherings based around inspiring company, creative conversation and quality food and drink. Broadcast as short form TV content.   The difficulties of the last few years have resulted in a renewed appreciation for the things we may have taken for granted, the simple things in life that money can’t buy. Good company, great conversation, meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends - we want to celebrate life with an evening of storytelling and togetherness to help put a smile back on people’s faces.

Inspired by the Italian tradition of Aperitivo, which means to “open up”, Birra Moretti are hosting an (early) evening of dinner, drinks and light hearted conversation around our Shared Table.

A special surprise celebrity guest will join gathering using their own passions to build from. With our MC leading the charge, together we learn unique and unknown stories about this person; their passions, their embarrassments, their achievements and enjoy the benefits of being together, just being ourselves – and living life a little more Italian! Salut.


3 Celebrity Hosts / 2m+ views / Avg. VCR 92% across VOD formats / Total social reach 1m+


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