Cannes Film Festival

The CFCC showcased the Chinese film industry to the world.


China Film Group Corporation (CFGC), is the largest, most influential film enterprise in China. Over the past two years, the Chinese film industry has recovered at a faster pace than the rest of the world. Although it still did not reach the pre-pandemic height, it surpassed the U.S. and became the world’s largest market. Recent events (COVID, travel limitations, geopolitical tensions, lack of big American blockbusters) increasingly disconnected China from the rest of the world. Domestic films accounted in the last season for as much as 85% of local box office. At the same time there has been a sharp fall in the share of imported films. Only 67 foreign titles were released in 2021, accounting for only 15% of the total box office.


The new Five-Year-Plan drafted by the Chinese central authority calls explicitly for an enhance of the international exchange of artistic and technical expertise, the promotion of Chinese quality films on the main international markets also through the establishment of Chinese booths at major film festivals and the encouragement of co-productions.


We worked with Chinese agency, Little Creative, to create, produce and manage the CFCC experience at the Cannes International Film Festival 2022. We created a unique experience to promote CFCC at the Marche du Film event as part of the festival.


12,500 attendees at Marché du Film


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