Heineken 0.0
The One for the Road Bar

Heineken 0.0 says “Now You Can” with some unexpected bar experiences


Heineken Ireland wanted to communicate the emotional and social benefits of their zero alcohol brand Heineken 0.0 with an experience-led through the line campaign that challenged conventions around beer consumption.


The pandemic enforced lockdown forced the public to revaluate things. We craved the outdoors, we appreciated the small things - and we were ready to try new things.2021 research showed that 75% of Irish consumers were more comfortable ordering a non-alcoholic drink than ever before, and with over 60% of consumers planning for a more balanced lifestyle as the nation reopened, it was the perfect time to look at things a fresh perspective.


The “One for the Road” Bar - A traditional bar experience at a series of very non-traditional locations become the catalyst for consumers to challenge conventions around beer consumption.A custom made bar and patio experience popped up at some of Ireland’s most pictur-esque locations, rewarding thirsty hikers with a complimentary, and very unexpected, freshly poured pint of Heineken 0.0 to enjoy with some unforgettable views. Anchored in those authentic social moments that you feel would be perfect for a beer but traditionally you couldn't have one. A hike and a pint? Now you can.The experience campaign was supported by social and influencer content live from the bars during the activations as well as pre experience to provide some clues to the surprise location.


2m+ total reach / Exceeded KPI’s by 50% / 1k+ pints distributed


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