Orchard Thieves
The Fox’s Den

Orchard Thieves reward those who FollowTheFox with a night of discovery hidden in plain sight.


Orchard Thieves wanted to create an experience that became the personification of their Follow the Fox platform, a major digital-first comms activation - rooted in fresh, modern, socialising occasions and embracing playful adventure right now, in the moment.


Orchard Thieves is the most loved cider brand for 18-34 year olds and a brand whose DNA is rooted in spontaneous discovery - just like their core customers. Those who live in the moment and embrace the exciting unknown aren’t ones to wait around for adventure – they seek it out.

It’s now been 2 years since we’ve had a proper summer and while it’s just around the corner Orchard Thieves feel you’ve waiting long enough. That’s why we’re kicking off summer a little early with a can’t miss secret event at our Fox’s Den - only for those with a keen sense of adventure.


Discover a secret, hidden in plain sight experience showcasing a treasure trove of creative culture.   The Fox’s Den is for those of the curious nature, those who like to live boldly, those who like to seek out adventure.    Picture a secret den, hidden within an old fruit packing warehouse bustling with life filled with character (and characters), experiences to explore and of course a little bit of devilment! Now add delicious drinks, food and an amazing surprise performer and you get an unmissable experience. The Den is hidden in plain sight for one night only before it’s gone forever - and attendance is earned only by those who embrace the exciting unknown.    The Den is of course the foxes home and as such he has collected a selection of cultural treasures from his journeys across his urban playground. Those lucky enough to have earned attendance have the chance to thieve back some of his cultural treasures for themselves.


250 attendees / 290k social reach

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