A New Era of Digital Interaction

Alyssa Caridi, Director, Strategy & Innovation, 02.02.24

02.02.24 Alyssa Caridi, Director, Strategy & Innovation

Imagine an internet where your experience goes beyond just browsing - a place where you actively shape your digital journey. This is what Web3 promises. It's a new phase of the internet, leveraging mixed reality and decentralization to usher in the metaverse - a more immersive and interactive environment.

Unlike the present version of the internet, which focuses mainly on reach,Web3 emphasizes user engagement. It's not just about how many people you can reach, but how deeply you can engage with them. As passive consumers are turned into active participants, metrics like interaction rates are valued more than ever. This shift helps brands engage with their audience more effectively and authentically.

How Brands Are Embracing Web3

Various sectors are already capitalizing on the potential of Web3. Take Fortnite, for instance. The gaming giant hosts virtual concerts and interactive events, seamlessly blending gaming, media, and social engagement. They're going beyond gaming to create a new way of experiencing media and social interaction on their platform.

In the world of sports, the Formula 1 ticket merchant, Platinum Group, made headlines by debuting NFT tickets for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix. The move provided a glimpse into how sporting events can leverage technology to enhance fan experiences.

Even television is getting in on the action. "The Voice" launched a virtual world in Roblox. Fans can now create music, dance, and even audition for the show, all within a virtual space.

Experience the Metaverse Firsthand

If you're curious about experiencing Web3 technology for yourself, there's no better time than now. For those owning a Meta Quest, you can relive the Doja Cat concert in VR through Meta's Horizon Worlds. Simply head into the Horizon Worlds app and select "Doja Cat: The Scarlet Tour." Once you're in the world, walk into the arena and enjoy a groundbreaking concert experience.

In Conclusion

From gaming to sports and even television, the way we interact, engage, and experience content is changing. As we step into this new era, one thing is clear: the future of the internet is here, and it's more interactive, immersive, and engaging than ever before. To learn more about how we guide brands into this new frontier, contact us, and be sure to come back next week when we discuss mixed, augmented, and virtual reality!

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