AI & Ultra-personalization

Alyssa Caridi, Director, Strategy & Innovation , 01.12.24

01.12.24 Alyssa Caridi, Director, Strategy & Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of brand engagement, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a trend; it's a revolution. AI technology is completely reshaping how brands interact with their audiences, offering hyper-relevant content, personalized messages, and custom experiences.

Dynamic messaging for unmatched engagement

AI lets brands dynamically modify copy, visuals, and value propositions on the fly, crafting a compelling, ultra-personalized message for each consumer. While the human touch cannot be overlooked (and humans will, of course, still need to oversee this work), AI enhances marketing efforts with a previously unattainable level of precision and relevance. The result of this AI-driven approach? Higher engagement and retention rates.

Case studies in AI-powered personalization

Virgin Voyages' "Jen AI" crafts invitational videos starring an AI version of JLo, personalized for both sender and recipient. According to Virgin, the campaign was highly successful, resulting in increased engagement rates compared with previous campaigns.

This past year at AGM, we incorporated AI technology into our 2023 agency holiday card. Recipients could mix their New Year resolutions into a personalized, AI-generated rap. Our holiday card also saw higher engagement than in previous years, attesting to the power of personalization.

Experience it for yourself!

Give our AI Rap Generator a try, generate high-fidelity audio from text descriptions with Google's MusicFX, or transform text to speech effortlessly using Eleven Lab's AI voice generator.

At AGM, we integrate cutting-edge technology wherever possible to maximize engagement and campaign effectiveness. With the help of AI, we forge deeper connections with audiences that ultimately lead to more impactful experiences, driving both loyalty and conversion. Contact us to discover how our innovative approach can transform your customer interactions.

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