Coalitions as Inspiration for Brand Collaborations

Erin Corbett, EVP, Partnerships , 07.05.24

07.05.24 Erin Corbett, EVP, Partnerships

In our ongoing discussions about collaboration, we often highlight the importance of partnering with clients across various sectors -brands, filmmakers, studios, influencers, etc. - to craft solutions that resonate with aligned audiences and achieve our desired results. However, I'd like to emphasize the unique value of forming partnerships with those whose viewpoints or methods differ. These alliances, ranging from divergent industries to contrasting backgrounds or approaches, benefit mutual goals like increased sales and innovation while energizing our projects and driving broader engagement. 

Our Allied Global Marketing Partnerships' experience has shown that such innovative collaborations expand our perspectives, enabling us to generate more substantial excitement and offer more inclusive solutions that appeal to a wider target audience. When bringing together two diverse parties, creativity can be fostered, and stronger decisions can be made.  

Consider the concept of 'coalitions,' often associated with community alliances or global cooperatives, which unite entities with different visions to address common challenges. This pool of diverse perspectives can be incredibly beneficial, allowing us to: 

  • Further broaden our strategic outlook, informing decisions about market entry, mergers, expansions, or capital investments. 
  • Identify market gaps, leading to innovative product developments or enhancements. 
  • Sharpen our competitive edge by better understanding industry positions, competitor insights, and market trends. 
  • Enhance our forecasting abilities concerning industry movements, customer behaviors, and economic conditions, ensuring robust future planning.

We can apply the benefits of coalitions in thinking similarly about alliances and brand partnerships. The differences may be obvious - for example, a luxury fashion house collaborating with a fantasy video game - or more subtle. One campaign we recently worked on featured, at face value, two brands with many similarities. They shared strong audience overlap, tonality, goals, etc. But as we built the campaign, what became obvious at each step was that each brand operated quite differently. Ultimately, it was the combination of their differing approaches and standards (and working together to find a combined approach that worked for everyone) that created a stronger, more effective campaign. 

When working on partnerships at Allied Global Marketing, we champion the formation of such coalitions and collaborations to foster innovation, enhance efficiency, and solve complex problems more effectively. Various fields support this approach, with 44% of businesses seeking "alliances for new ideas, insights and innovation."

At Allied Global Marketing, we believe the future of culture-driving collaborations, or coalitions if you will, is with various experts bringing varied backgrounds and opinions to create the larger moment. Specifically, we do this by engaging daily with our experts in Strategy & Innovation, Pride, Research & Insight, Creative Solutions, Local Marketing, and so many others. At Allied Global Marketing, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration, particularly with diverse and occasionally unlikely partners. Want to learn more about how we embrace these opportunities to pushing the boundaries of creativity and engagement? Get in touch.

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