In the Streaming Era, FYC Campaigns Matter More than Ever

Liam Collins, Project Manager, Creative , 08.01.23

08.01.23 Liam Collins, Project Manager, Creative

Awards shows were once appointment television. From the red carpet all the way to the announcement of Best Picture, viewers were glued to their TV sets for hours on end, hoping for the chance to see their favorite movies, TV shows, and celebrities honored for their work. Although viewership is down for many of the awards shows, the impact of the awards themselves is stronger than ever. Awards are a unique way to position and differentiate films and series in a crowded marketplace. At Allied Global Marketing, we have a dedicated team with years of experience strategizing and executing successful 360 award campaigns that earn nominations and wins among voting bodies worldwide.

For titles and studios, a For Your Consideration (FYC) campaign offers several benefits:

  1. Streaming services offer what may feel like endless options to viewers. As of 2022, Netflix had upwards of 5,000 titles available in most of its top territories.A successful awards campaign can help ensure that a title doesn't get lost in this sea of content.

    Services often offer premium placement on their homepages for titles that have received nominations for or won Emmys, BAFTA awards, Oscars, and even festival honors such as the Palme D'or. For many of the series we work on, we prepare premium collateral that provides a tangible, premium element to the campaign.

    For Netflix's The Crown, we created a booklet that felt akin to a magazine, showcasing the craftsmanship and the performances in the show's latest season. The final booklet was an engrossing look at the series and resonated with voters, helping to earn the series several Emmy nominations.

  2. A successful awards campaign can keep a film or series in the public's consciousness well beyond its initial release. Everything Everywhere All at Once was initially released in theaters in March 2022, but according to Google Trends, interest peaked significantly in January 2023, coinciding with the final push of its awards campaign, peaking again after winning Best Picture. Following the announcement of the 2023 Academy Award nominations, Banshees of Inisherin (+384%), Tar (+138%), Elvis (+950%), Fabelmans (+72%), Women Talking (+167%) and Avatar (+12%, still in theatrical window) all saw increases in their box office performance and an increased public consciousness following successful awards campaigns.

    Although a theatrical release was not a major part of Netflix's strategy for their 2021 film The Power of the Dog, our awards creative team was able to keep the film in the public eye for several months following its November release date.

    We aligned with the client on strategy and kept a steady rollout of new imagery and art approaches throughout the first phase of our campaign, while also touting the acclaim it had gathered across Guilds and Voting groups. When Phase II came along, we had a host of new imagery and significant acclaim to promote as we made our final push. At numerous points in its campaign Power of the Dog was one of the top streaming films on Netflix.

  3. Another, more concrete benefit that an awards campaign can provide is recognition. A film or television show is given more exposure on blogs, podcasts, and even television when it is promoted for awards. Talent is featured on talk shows and magazines that offer premium press opportunities for a film or series.

    For Hulu's The Dropout, we were able to showcase the breadth of Amanda Seyfried's performance throughout our Emmys and Fall Awards Campaigns. We prepared a variety of looks that highlighted the broad spectrum of work in her performance. The result was a tremendously successful campaign in which Seyfried won Best Actress at the Golden Globes, Critics Choice and Emmys. These wins were made more impressive by the fact that Seyfried's Golden Globe and Critics Choice wins occurred over 9 months after the first episode aired, an eternity in today's binge-watch climate.

Awards campaigns remain a valuable part of a film's or series' lifecycle in the public eye. Nominations and subsequent wins can be a valuable differentiating factor for content. The speeches and fashion of the Awards ceremony may fade from memory, and the hardware won may ultimately collect dust on the shelf, but rest assured, the impact of awards will remain a vital aspect of the film and television industries.

At AGM, we utilize every form of paid, owned, and earned media to boost awareness and champion nominees in print, social, digital, OOH. Want to learn more about our approach to FYC campaigns? Get in touch.

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