Real-Time Content: An Essential Component of Organic Social Media Strategy

Danyelle McGill, SVP, Social Media & Influencer Marketing , 10.17.23

10.17.23 Danyelle McGill, SVP, Social Media & Influencer Marketing

We keep a close eye on the evolving social media landscape, constantly seeking new ways to engage and connect with our target audience. Real-time content has emerged as an essential element of any successful organic social media strategy. It lets brands tap into trending topics, react in real-time to events and news, and cultivate a stronger relationship with followers. Real-time content goes beyond conversations on X or Threads; here's why it's so important and how it can drive your brand.

Staying relevant and timely

News travels faster than ever, and social media platforms have become a primary source of news and updates for many users. By staying on top of what is happening in the world, we can create content that resonates with our target audiences and captures their attention. By leveraging trending topics like #Barbenheimer and events like the Met Gala, you can position yourself as a brand that is current and in touch with what resonates with your followers.

Humanizing your brand

Adding real-time content to our posting strategies lets us humanize our clients' brands and show their personality. Unlike pre-scheduled or generic content, real-time content sparks conversations, encourages interactions, and prompts immediate responses. We use social listening programs and actively monitor social media chatter so our clients can engage in real-time conversations with their followers, address questions or concerns, and reward engagement. Why is this important?

  • Cookie-cutter content can feel impersonal and generic, resulting in user fatigue.

  • Reacting to events and news in real-time allows you to inject your brand's unique perspective and voice into the conversation.

  • It lets you showcase authenticity, increase resonance with your audience, and build trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to stronger brand advocacy.

Seize the day

Real-time content lets us leverage spontaneous marketing opportunities. Social media is a dynamic space, where trends can explode overnight, and memes can briefly dominate conversations. By creating content that responds and aligns with these trends, we can ride the wave and generate buzz around our clients' brands.This is especially key with sports, television and Gen Z audiences who value real-time and trend-relevant, direct communication.This could include:

  • Capitalizing on a viral hashtag
  • Creating or participating in a meme that aligns with a cultural moment
  • Livestreams or takeovers
  • Leveraging UGC
  • Maximizing use of Stories

Real-time content is an indispensable component of any successful organic social media strategy. By embracing it, we ensure your brand remains authentic and engaging, leading to increased brand awareness, stronger customer relationships, increased conversions, and a thriving social media presence. How can we help you drive a successful organic strategy? Let us know.

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