The Importance of Embracing a Cross-Platform Organic Strategy

Teresa Lynch, Senior Director, Social Media Marketing , 07.26.23

07.26.23 Teresa Lynch, Senior Director, Social Media Marketing

To keep up with the fragmented digital space, it's crucial to develop a strategic cross-platform approach to reach consumers. At AGM, we leverage content and audience data for organic social strategies that drive brand awareness, authentic social engagement, and conversions. We do this by:

Engaging social audiences where they are most active

While every organic social strategy will differ, we invest in the social platforms that resonate with a brand's target audience, considering, for example, the below demographic insights:

We don't recommend overextending resources on new platforms like Spill and Threads until audience data is monitored and an analysis is done to see if it aligns with the brand.

Customizing our content approach to align with consumption behavior

Content consumption behavior varies by platform and will inform organic content strategies. Audiences gravitate toward entertainment on TikTok, where trending sounds change every week. In contrast, users turn to Pinterest for creative inspiration rather than to consume videos for pure enjoyment. YouTube excels at information, and its users seek out product reviews ahead of purchase. Twitter is known for its faster pace of content, particularly when cultural moments unfold in real-time. Instagram and Facebook deliver a mix of entertainment and educational content, which varies depending on the audience.

Knowing this, we conduct a brand audit for our clients against competitors to understand audience behaviors and what will organically resonate for the brand. In a previous audit for a media brand, we identified organic social optimizations with the potential to deliver up to 82% higher engagement rates, leading to a boost in site traffic and app downloads.

Leveraging the most effective content type to reach target KPIs

We optimize our organic approach to lean into specific content types that align with target KPIs. With strategic organic content, brands can drive consumers through the purchase funnel from awareness, consideration, and eventual conversion.

Whether your primary KPI is awareness or conversion, AGM can help your brand build successful organic cross-platform strategies informed by platform demographics, user consumption behaviors, and content type trends. Want to learn more about our social strategies? Get in touch.

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