Rethinking Strategies for Audience Engagement: Marketing to the U.S. Hispanic Community in Entertainment

Josh Grijalva, VP, Multicultural PR, 12.08.23

12.08.23 Josh Grijalva, VP, Multicultural PR

The U.S. Hispanic audience, currently making up approximately 18.75% of the U.S. population, has a powerful presence in the social and economic environment. Their collective purchasing power is expected to reach $3.2 trillion in 2023, revealing an untapped potential for marketers in the entertainment industry. To tap into this massive demographic, it's vital to adopt effective, nuanced marketing strategies that respect and reflect Hispanic culture. We use these tactics to guide our clients:


To connect with the Hispanic audience, entertainment marketers must project a genuine understanding and recognition of their cultural nuances. Stereotypes should be avoided at all costs. Employing Hispanic staff in the creation and implementation of these strategies will ensure an authentic voice and perspective from development through execution of the campaign. Using real stories and experiences reflecting the diverse Hispanic culture will resonate with this audience far more than generic, one-size-fits-all campaigns.

How we approach it: With our Multicultural team's core Hispanic staff of 10, and nearly 12% of Allied's total US staff identifying as Hispanic, we bring authentic cultural sensitivity to our client needs.

Multigenerational Outreach

The Hispanic community is rich in family values, with several generations often living under one roof. Marketing plans need to address this diversity by incorporating multigenerational outreach strategies. This includes using both digital and traditional media platforms to cater to a wide range of age groups.

How we approach it: For our recent Disney+ campaign for LOKI Season 2, we launched a 'cuernitos' (Horn pastries) initiative on socials and with influencers to reach the younger demo. For the other traditional demo, we leveraged in-store and broadcast TV. Both strategies resulted in great success.

Targeting Younger Demographics

To captivate younger Hispanics, digital platforms are key. Popular Latino influencers on social media or sites such as Mitu and Pero Like specifically target young Latinos. Collaborations or partnerships with these influencers can significantly boost engagements, as the young Hispanic demographic shows a high degree of trust for these individuals and platforms.

How we approach it: We consider our 'Hispennial' digital partners a key element of our success. We regularly tap into their talent to attend red carpet premieres like Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, Loki, Air, and Creed III. This drivessocial chatter on both partner platforms and personal talent platforms.

Traditional Outreach for Older Demographics

While younger Hispanics are more digitally inclined, older demographics still heavily engage with traditional media. We consider Univision and Telemundo significant platforms to reach older Hispanics. Depending on the client and scope TV spots, sponsorships, product placements and tie-ins with popular telenovelas can all be effective strategies.

How we approach it: Our client ViX has been at the forefront of the new age of telenovelas. To encourage older consumers to sign up for the service (many first-time streaming subscribers), we've enlisted legendary telenovela actors including Kate del Castillo, Lucero, and Ana de la Reguera.

Transcreating and Language

While many Hispanics are bilingual, the emotional connection to a brand or campaign tends to be stronger when communicated in their native language -- Spanish. Transcreation -- where content is adapted culturally and linguistically for the audience -- rather than mere translation is more effective. However, it's important to maintain the balance between English and Spanish communications, as English is often preferred (especially among younger Hispanics) and nuances change from coast to coast. Once again, nuance matters.

How we approach it: Even within the Spanish language, we differentiate the Spanish for Mexican-American West Coast audience versus that for a Cuban-American or Caribbean American East Coast audience.

Promotions Through Trusted Outlets

Promotional campaigns targeting the Hispanic community can lead to high returns, but should be handled with cultural sensitivity. Leverage Hispanic-owned and -focused outlets, which are trusted and consumed by the community. They not only guarantee reach but also add credibility to your campaigns.

How we approach it: Working with TelevisaUnivision and their #1 rated morning show, Despierta America we were able to launch a multilevel campaign for the new HUNGER GAMES film, debuting the trailer with thematic white roses, VIP tastemaker screening hosted by their on-air talent with dedicated broadcast segment and multiple junket pieces through their online vertical on

En conclusión

Marketing effectively to the U.S. Hispanic community is about much more than language; it's about understanding and connecting with the community's cultural roots, values, and preferences. We know how to effectively reach this important demographic, driving both engagement and revenue growth. Want to know more? Get in touch.

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