The Impact of Google’s Bard Extensions & Gemini AI

Ardalan Salam, VP, Data & Technology , 10.06.23

10.06.23 Ardalan Salam, VP, Data & Technology

Google Introduces Bard Extensions for Enhanced User Experience

Google has updated Bard, its AI-powered chatbot, to offer additional functionalities through integration with various Google services. The latest update lets Bard access and analyze data from users' Gmail and Drive to respond to queries. Additionally, it can integrate with Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights, providing users with live flight information, local points of interest, and YouTube content suggestions based on user preferences.

Google's Development in Conversational AI: Introducing Gemini AI

Gemini is a set of large language models (LLMs) that leverage training techniques taken from AlphaGo, including reinforcement learning and tree search, which has the potential to unseat ChatGPT as the most dominant generative AI solution on the planet. Gemini was created from the ground up to be multimodal, highly efficient at tool and API integrations and built to enable future innovations like memory and planning.

Google's development approach with Gemini AI includes:

  • Strategic Decision Support: Gemini AI is designed to assist in decision-making processes.

  • Dynamic Context Mastery: It aims to provide responses that are coherent and context-aware, drawing upon the contextual understanding developed during the AlphaGo project.

  • Self-Improvement through Self-Play: Gemini AI is designed to refine its conversational abilities through self-play, a technique used in the development of AlphaGo.

  • Simulated Environment Engagement: Gemini AI can interact with virtual environments, which may facilitate experiential learning.

  • Dialogue-Driven Gaming: Gemini AI is positioned as a gaming companion that adapts strategies based on game state and user inputs.

Assessing the Impact

  • Limitations in accessibility

    • So far, the Bard integrations are only available in English, meaning those who use other languages must wait to use the various extensions.

    • For people who don't use Gmail, the practicality of Bard may be limited as one of its key features is integrating with Gmail and Drive. However, it still could be useful with other features like integrating with Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights.

    • While Gemini AI doesn't have a firm release date, it could be ready as soon as December 2023.

  • Competition is fierce

    • Meta's release of LLama 2 will compete with both ChatGPT and Gemini through its strength in producing coherent, relevant responses within limited context, though it lacks the multimodal capabilities of Gemini. This will force the companies to become even more innovative and potentially expedite the release of future features.

    • Amazon's $4B investment in Anthropic signals a major commitment to advancing AI and positions Amazon as a key player, likely accelerating innovation even further across the LLM landscape and impacting Gemini's roadmap.

Overall, Google's latest developments with Bard and Gemini represent major leaps in conversational AI and its practical applications. While competition in the AI space continues to heat up, innovation and exploration are not slowing down. Looking to harness the power of these new models in your marketing and brand strategy? Contact us.

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