Unraveling Threads: Metrics and Measurement

July 18, 2023 • Ardalan Salam, VP, Data & Technology

Measurement on Threads

While Threads won't introduce ads for a few months, Meta has stated they will soon release a suite of branded content tools. This will allow for eventual reporting and analytics (for both organic and paid). In the interim, the guidance being offered to brands is to clearly disclose any paid partnerships through text or mentions until Threads gets the branded content tools up and running.

What Kind of Data Does Threads Collect?

Just like its sister platforms, Instagram and Facebook, Threads can and will collect a great deal of data on its users. Some of those data points include:

  • User data on health, purchases, financial information, location, contact information, search history, and browsing history
  • Behavioral and advertising information, such as health and fitness data, financial information, browsing history, and sensitive information
  • Engagement data - information on what posts users engage with and whom they are following
  • Usage data (profile followers, post likes, replies, and reposts). The usage data is what will help inform the overall measurement framework, as it will provide real-time engagement metrics that can be tied back to specific days, posts, and profiles.

Tracking & Analytics on Threads

Given the lack of a reporting API, agencies are largely in the dark at the moment about engagement on a brand's Threads profile. However, to ensure some level of transparency and data collection, here are some of the steps we're taking now:

  • Ensure Instagram profiles are optimized, as this has a direct impact on Threads. Make sure a username is easily searchable, incorporate relevant keywords in bios, and craft a coherent identity that effectively represents the brand.
  • Continue using UTM links whenever posting content on Threads. This will allow clear and transparent tracking of how content performs on the new social network and how it drives users back to a brand's website.
  • Ensure websites, email signatures, and other owned social platforms are updated to include the new Threads profile link.

As Threads continues to grow, so will the features and tools behind it. We are working closely with both Meta and our DMP platforms to ensure early access to the Threads reporting API. Want our strategic support on Threads analytics? Click here to get in touch.

Next up in our series: Insight into our Paid Media team's approach to Threads.

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