Winning in Latin America's eSports Betting Market

Jose Leon, Managing Director, Latin America , 03.23.23

03.23.23 Jose Leon, Managing Director, Latin America

The insights

As eSports continue to gain popularity in Latin America, online bookmakers are offering fans the ability to bet on matches and tournaments. LatAm esports gambling is already a $1 billion+ market, and analysts project that number will grow to $2.2 billion by the end of 2024. Contributing to the growth of online eSports betting:

  • The increased use of mobile devices, with over 450 million unique mobile subscribers in the region

  • A shift toward more liberal attitudes toward gambling in recent years, with many countries legalizing and regulating the industry to harvest additional tax revenues

The data

As a global agency with extensive experience in gaming, we know understanding the nuances of each market is key to success in driving customer acquisition and engagement. When developing marketing strategies to reach eSports bettors, it's essential to consider the diversity of the region. This includes its cultures, demographics, languages, socioeconomic conditions, and regulations. For example:

  • A majority (70%) of global fans interested in esports and gambling are male, and that average holds true across Latin America as well. However, digging deeper we find it varies by country. In Argentia and Chile the audience is even more-male dominated (74%) than the global average, while in Mexico it's slightly less so (66%).

  • The percentage of the audience in Argentina who use TikTok regularly (67%) generally aligns with the global tendency of eSports and gambling fans to do so (65%). However, the number jumps to 80% in Brazil and 85% in Mexico. This is key to know, because in late 2022 TikTok began testing gambling ads.

  • ESports and gambling fans in Mexico are 24% more likely to be "parenting-focused workers" - defined as those who have at least one child, work full time, and consider spending time with their family to be important - than those in Argentina, Brazil, or Colombia.

Our approach

Knowing Latin America is more than just a "region," we provide data, insights, and expert advice to develop and optimize marketing campaigns to reach this growing but very specific audience. In addition to demographics and behaviors, our plans consider messaging, value props, payment preferences, advertising compliance, and other key factors that vary from market to market.

When considering Latin America as an eSports gaming market, our tailored approach puts you ahead of the game to maximize your potential for success. Want to know more? Get in touch.

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