Thread Carefully: Nurture Your Brand on Meta's New Social Network

Shai Goller, EVP, Creative Solutions , 07.20.23

07.20.23 Shai Goller, EVP, Creative Solutions

A whole new frontier for brands

As Meta unleashes its new social network, brands are faced with the challenge of exploring innovative ways to make their mark on this rapidly growing platform. Threads' unique interface currently curates content from both users you follow and creators you don't. This defaults users into a permanent 'discovery mode' - a mode that's receptive to fresh concepts, new faces, brands, and products that spark interest. This unique landscape of Threads provides a compelling opportunity for brands to rethink their strategies, and mold their presence in a way that fully resonates with the platform's vibe and its users.

Mastering the art of words

Unlike several social platforms that are image or video-driven, Threads is primarily text-focused, thus placing a significant emphasis on messaging. Brands must carefully craft their messages to demonstrate their brand personality effectively while attracting user attention. Details such as tone and voice are crucial - a conversational tone might work for some brands, while others might find success with a more formal tone. Conciseness is key - given the abundance of content users scroll through each day, a succinct, potent message often drives the most impact.

Understanding audience engagement

Brands should gauge and understand how their target audiences interact on Threads - identifying the types of interactions that foster positive responses, and the ones that result in negative reactions. This understanding will allow brands to adjust their approach, align more closely with user preferences, and build strategies that trigger meaningful engagement. Regular monitoring of user response and feedback can offer valuable insights to enhance brand positioning and engagement tactics.

Stay native, not ad-like

Just as with other social networks, brands should avoid an overtly promotional stance on this platform. While it's an arena to market products or services, the best approach involves appearing 'native' rather than appearing as an advertisement. This implies brands must integrate their narrative seamlessly with threads, weaving a story that feels organic and genuine to the platform. The emphasis should be on creating relationships and communities, being part of conversations authentically, and not just pushing products or services too hard.

Take a unique approach

While paid advertising offerings on Threads have yet to be announced, creative formats will likely resemble those of Meta's other apps, Instagram and Facebook. But brands should resist the urge to simply reproduce their other Meta creative content on Threads wholesale. Brands need to understand that each platform attracts different demographics, with distinct user experiences and expectations. There are efficiencies to be had for sure, but understanding Threads' unique function and platform is critical to optimizing ad effectiveness and driving impactful engagement.

Test, iterate and scale

As brands embark on their journey with Meta's Threads, they should look to explore and innovate. Brands need to approach it as an ongoing learning experience, continually refining their strategies based on user preferences, creative potential and the platform's evolving features. Threads is not just another social media platform, but a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their audience in a more personal, engaging, and native manner.

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