One World Observatory

Content Shoot

AGM generated a library of elevated promotional imagery and video for NYC’s landmark attraction at the top of One World Trade Center.

Our approach:

  • Captured diverse scenes over three shoot days to showcase the venue's offerings from day to night.
  • Featured a diverse array of models during the shoots, ensuring the creative assets were versatile and optimized for various promotional channels.
  • Digitally replaced all windows in the final stills and videos to overcome short-term visibility challenges and ensure true visual representation.
  • Crafted final images that prominently featured recognizable sights, providing a visual connection for viewers and prospective visitors.
  • Ensured the final imagery and videos provided a captivating preview of the visitor experience, enticing individuals to explore the landmark attraction.

This strategic and creative approach to promotional content creation demonstrated our team's ability to overcome challenges and deliver visually stunning assets that effectively promote and showcase the unique offerings of NYC’s landmark attraction at the World Trade Center.

Solutions: Creative Solutions

Regions: N America


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