Place: How can you help your streaming service stand out?

Arlene Wszalek, EVP, Strategy & Innovation, 05.24.21

05.24.21 Arlene Wszalek, EVP, Strategy & Innovation
There’s always room in the market for a good product at a good price. How can you best leverage growth opportunities in the crowded streaming marketplace? To answer, we turn to the classic 5 Ps of marketing, and take a deep dive into how you can apply them to elevate the presence of your service.

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Viewers tend to be loyal to their established / preferred viewing platforms. Prioritize having your service be available to them wherever they prefer to consume content, instead of trying to force them onto a platform they might not currently use.
On the other hand: while third-party distribution can drive rapid awareness and growth, it comes at the cost of not owning the customer relationship or data. ANTENNA estimates Apple & Amazon processed billing for about 1 in 5 Premium SVOD Subscriptions at year end 2020 (1 in 3 if you exclude Netflix). This is a serious consideration, particularly given privacy regulations and browser updates which limit data available from (and for) advertising efforts.

Soon to enter the mix are services like Struum, which aim to act as a middleman between D2C services and consumers by aggregating them and offering access to content from multiple providers.
How we approach it:
  • For non-D2C services, we can still see aggregate subscriber data showing which distribution channels are driving (and retaining) the most business, and allocate marketing spend accordingly.
  • We ensure all available channels are included in all possible promotional placements (landing pages, email, etc.) - but we test to see whether featuring specific or individual channels in ads drives better performance.

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