Five Pillars of Publicity Strategy

Steve Flynn, SVP, National Publicity, 06.22.23

06.22.23 Steve Flynn, SVP, National Publicity

In our modern, digital-driven age, there are more opportunities than ever before to spread a client's message and reach new audiences. Meanwhile, attention spans are shorter, with people concentrating for less than a minute on any one screen. It can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to creating an effective publicity strategy. To help our clients gain exposure and connect with their audience, we develop campaigns using these five pillars.

  1. Define the target audience: Understanding who you want to reach is the most important aspect of creating a winning publicity strategy. At Allied, we use our tools and research to understand an audience's demographic makeup, interests, media consumption behaviors, and more. From there, we can identify the best channels to reach them and the best messaging to use.

  2. Develop a clear message: We work closely with our clients to make sure the message is clear and effective while aligning with brand standards and guidelines. We encourage a concise and relevant message to encourage engagement.

  3. Take a multichannel approach: At Allied, we approach each campaign through a wide lens, keeping in mind potential amplification via every available channel as opposed to limiting our efforts to strictly publicity tactics. To maximize campaign performance, we work cross-team to ensure we hit the target audience with the right message from all relevant angles.

  4. Build strong relationships: As we have discussed in previous posts, solid relationships with journalists are the foundation of the publicity world. However, to garner the maximum amount of attention and coverage, those relationships must now include influencers as well. Our influencer team is second to none, and with their expertise, we continuously expand our connections and reach.

  5. Measure success: At Allied, we use a combination of KPIs to gauge the success of any campaign. These can include website traffic, social media engagement, traditional media coverage, and more. We look beyond traditional metrics, keeping several in mind, to truly understand performance and all opportunities for optimization. To track performance and ensure consistent measurement, we offer proprietary dashboards with capabilities for real-time reporting.

An effective publicity strategy is rarely a one-time effort. At Allied, we think of all of our publicity work as an ongoing process that requires attention and adaptability. Through these five pillars, we develop campaigns to help our clients grow and succeed. Want to learn more about our strategic approach to publicity? Get in touch.

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