Harnessing the Power of AI in Publicity: Humans Still Needed

Steve Flynn, SVP, National Publicity, 04.27.23

04.27.23 Steve Flynn, SVP, National Publicity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming nearly every industry, and publicity is no exception. AI is capable of refashioning the way publicity is conducted, making it more efficient, targeted, and results-driven. At AGM, our USP is finding the right ways to use AI powered tools to optimize our efforts. However, AI alone won't move the needle; the checks and balances, insights, and context offered by a human can be totally transformative - greatly improving workflow and subsequent output. We call it Artificial Collective Intelligence (ACI): by combining AI tools with human intelligence, we can make smarter decisions to be more effective for our clients. Here are some of the ways AI and ACI can, and are, improving our publicity offering.

Work smarter

Clearly, one of the major impacts that AI can have on publicity is saving time, shortening the necessary window from pitch to press, which is especially important in shorter-lead campaigns. As a baseline offering, publicity can use AI-powered tools to automate processes like:

  • Media list building

  • Content creation

  • Media monitoring

The impact of that time saved means that we now have the freedom to be more strategic with our work. We now have the ability to spend time being more targeted with our outreach. Less effort spent doing the arduous tasks equals more time devoted to building the right strategy for the client. This will result in more relevant content, tailored messages and ultimately, a higher degree of audience engagement and loyalty for our clients.

Listen better

Publicity is all about managing the perception and reputation of a brand or individual by effectively engaging with target audiences. AI can sift through vast amounts of data and help uncover valuable insights to supplement existing research. It can determine:

  • Tone

  • Sentiment

  • Context of articles or social media posts

By utilizing ACI, our team can parse through this data to make better-informed decisions in our work. All of this allows us to be even more nimble. Additionally, this AI-powered social listening will continue to get smarter. This will give us even more real-time insights and the ability to adjust mid-campaign, ensuring client goals are always being met.

A bridge to a better relationship with press

Partnering with the right media channels, journalists, and influencers to amplify a message is obviously crucial for a successful publicity campaign. AI can help identify and verify relevant contacts based on interests, reach and historical engagement data. By using AI to help compile contacts, we can be sure we are not overlooking or counting out worthy partners that align with the campaign message. But the work cannot end there. We have to remember that these tools are simply a conduit for us.

At its core, publicity is about building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders, including media, influencers, customers and partners. So, while AI can help identify and categorize these connections, establishing and nurturing personal connections requires human interaction and genuine engagement.

Our unique approach

AI's capabilities can undoubtedly enhance publicity efforts, but it is essential to emphasize the continued importance of human expertise in our industry. The optimal approach is ACI, a harmonious balance that combines the power of AI with the experience, creativity and judgment of human professionals, creating truly effective and innovative publicity campaigns.

At AGM, we embrace Artificial Collective Intelligence, combining our human forces with AI tools, so that we can work smarter, faster and more effectively. We also use in-house AI to augment our strategic expertise with machine learning. From press releases to brainstorming documents, we amplify AI-generation with human modification/personalization to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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