Measuring the Impact of Awareness Media on Performance Tactics

Dennis Hutchens, SVP, Media , 07.06.23

07.06.23 Dennis Hutchens, SVP, Media

At AGM, we value awareness media as an integral component of our integrated media campaigns. We include top funnel tactics not just for awareness, as we know awareness media also enhances the overall performance of lower-funnel conversion tactics.

We hold each partner and tactic accountable. Evaluating the effectiveness of offline media may not be as easy as digital tactics, but with the proper strategy and reporting structure, we're able to assign a value and measure its impact on performance.

First, we identify the primary goals for the media campaign and determine tangible KPIs, e.g., sign-ups, footfall, sales, and awareness.

Next, we implement tracking to measure performance. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pixel implementation wherever possible to track digital performance of inbound awareness visitors.

  • Monitoring fluctuations in KPI metrics against the awareness media flight, comparing performance to a baseline.

  • Monitoring daily search volume and website visits.

  • Implementing tracking mechanisms unique to offline tactics (URLs, promo codes, phone numbers, QR codes) to gain additional insight.

  • Geo-fencing areas where an activation is occurring or an ad is being displayed.

  • Measuring brand lift and awareness, for example, through a custom brand survey.

  • Data permitting, using our proprietary modeling tool, Foresight, evaluating and projecting the long-term impact of awareness tactics.

Last, we develop custom dashboards to provide real-time views of these data points as the campaign progresses and use them to optimize the campaign and reallocate budgets as needed.

While measuring the impact of awareness media on performance is not an exact science, with the proper strategy, set up, reporting, and analysis, we provide our clients with impactful data to validate and direct above the line campaigns. Want more insights into how we can put this to work for you and your brand? Click here.

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