Standing Out at Consumer Trade Show Events

Jonny Davis, EVP, Brand Experience , 09.08.23

09.08.23 Jonny Davis, EVP, Brand Experience

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, brands must continuously evolve and innovate to make their mark. Trade events like Gamescom, which our BXP and Partnerships team just attended in Cologne, Germany, are a major way to showcase increasingly-necessary points of differentiation.

From interactive experiences to first-look opportunities, every gaming brand at a trade show is vying to pique the interest of passionate gamers, developers, and fellow industry peers present. Central to standing out in these busy fairs are effective event management and an exceptional brand experience, both of which are achieved through creativity, production talent and an intimate knowledge of the gaming community.

Going above and beyond to stand out

The gaming industry is growing and diversifying at an unprecedented pace, making it essential for brands to distinguish themselves. We help brands do just that through thoughtfully crafted brand experiences. Doling out visual spectacles alone is no longer enough. Brand experiences must connect with attendees -during the event, in advance through pre-promotion and afterwards through post-event communication and amplification. At Allied, we create unique experiences that drive engagement by:

  • Understanding the audience. We dig deeper into the mindset of our clients’ potential customers, as incorporating themes and experiences that resonate with their preferences and lifestyle creates a stronger connection. To truly understand the audience, we conduct thorough audience research on their demographics, consumption habits, interests, and more. Combined with proprietary and historical knowledge, we use these insights to reach the audience where they are.
  • Incorporating interactive elements. People do not come to Gamescom to observe static presentations. They want to join their favourite game characters, engage in battles, explore virtual civilizations, and score victories. We encourage brands to employ innovative technologies like VR and AR to create immersive gaming experiences. These interactive platforms let gamers enter and explore the game world, igniting excitement and, thus, making a memorable brand impression.
  • Amplifying the activation. As a fully integrated agency, we utilize social content with event participation to amplify reach. Behind-the-scenes content, live broadcasts from the event, and associated online competitions can increase engagement and speak to those unable to attend the physical event.
  • Adding elements of gamification. When creating a client booth, we develop experiences that invite visitors to complete a series of tasks related to the brand's games. This can range from drawing fan art to answering trivia about games or characters or even competing in a mini-tournament. These gamification elements help to maximize engagement.
  • Adding elements of exclusivity. We run exclusive previews or releases at these events whenever possible. The exclusivity not only piques gamers' interest but also makes them feel special, thus, strengthening their affinity towards the brand. These exclusives can be leveraged to generate buzz and anticipation, ensuring the brand remains a discussion point long after the event is over.
  • Keeping diversity and representation top-of-mind. Inclusivity and representation are critical. Featuring diverse casts in promotional materials, inclusive game design, and community outreach are just a few ways we help our clients display their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. This approach promotes a positive brand image and shows a deep understanding of the diverse gaming community.
  • Executing a follow-up strategy. We advise our clients to maintain a robust follow-up strategy post-event. This can be done by sharing event highlights, recognizing contributions and engagement, showing gratitude to participants, and running post-show promotions and contests.This strategy helps solidify the relationship between brand and consumer, turning visitors into fans and fans into brand evangelists.

In conclusion, standing out at trade events like Gamescom demands more than just making a big, splashy appearance. We employ a combination of effective event management strategies and immersive, inclusive brand experiences that tap into the emotions and interests of the numerous gaming enthusiasts in attendance. Want to learn more about how we transform a simple showcase into a tool for amplification? Get in touch.

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