Reflecting on CineEurope and Looking Ahead

Melanie Wills, Managing Director, EMEA , 07.03.24

07.03.24 Melanie Wills, Managing Director, EMEA

As we reflect on CineEurope, the longest running European trade show and convention for the cinema industry, emphasis on the evolution of the cinema experience - from interactive technology advances to changes in theatre design - come into sharp focus.

The New Cinema Concepts panel showcased innovative presentations from global leaders, including France's Oma Cinema, B&B Theatres in the US, and the Netherlands-based TheAnyThing.

Oma Cinema is revolutionising the cinematic experience with its stylish, futuristic architecture featuring intimate eight-person pods that cater to a luxury-seeking clientele who enjoy champagne and macarons. TheAnyThing introduces a unique, private cinema model that integrates seamlessly into restaurants, hotels, and existing movie theaters, offering guests a choice from a catalog of over 1,000 films. Meanwhile, B&B Theatres, an expanding American cinema chain, is capturing audience interest by blending film showings with food service and entertainment options like pickleball courts.

With ideas and models such as these becoming reality, one thing is clear: significant transformations will continue to shape the cinema landscape in the EMEA region.

The resilience of cinema

Once, filmgoing experienced a transition from opulent movie palaces of the 20th century to today's mix of multiplexes and boutique cinemas. Now, our landscape is further shaped by the rise of home streaming services. Yet, despite competition from platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus, the experience unique to cinema has proved resilient.

Herein lies the magic of cinema, which cannot be replicated at home. Presenting unique features such as IMAX® and Dolby Atmos® advanced sound systems, luxury seating, exclusive content and more, cinema adjusts to offer world-class cinematic experiences.

And looking toward the future of cinema following CineEurope, we're given a fascinating view into the upcoming advancements, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR filmmaking uses 360-degree technology to allow viewers to explore scenes as if they are part of the environment. This can create a sense of immersion and emotional engagement, allowing audiences to feel like they are in the story alongside the characters. These technologies offer audiences a highly immersive and personalised interaction, redefining the way we engage with the cinematic experience overall.

Furthermore, the role of innovative design remains critical in the evolution of cinemas. Comfortable, accessible, with the latest viewing technology - contemporary theatres showcase the craftsmanship adjusting to the changing demands of movie enthusiasts, enhancing their communal viewing experiences.

The desire for more immersive and unique experiences is not solely confined to the cinematic realm but rather pervades all aspects of leisure activities. Audiences today are no longer mere spectators; they crave engagement, interaction, and most importantly, personalised experiences that resonate on a deeper emotional level. Such immersive experiences help transform a traditional leisure activity into an unforgettable event.

Crafting unforgettable experiences alongside cinema

This drive towards unique and immersive experiences has been recognised and embraced by Allied Global Marketing. With our diversified range of earned media solutions, we help our clients captivate their audience in novel and creative ways. This could involve anything from tastemaker immersive screenings, which transforms the cinema experience into an enveloping spectacle, to experiential led events, which provide audiences with a hands-on, interactive experience that truly resonates.

We also pursue strategic partnerships with brands that share a similar audience demographic, creating synergies that enrich the viewer experience. Moreover, our portfolio wouldn't be complete without exploring the profound connection that forms between viewers and filmmakers. To champion this, we have facilitated filmmaker Q&As and events across the UK this year, creating a platform for dialogues driven by curiosity, elucidation, and a shared love of cinema.

Through these endeavours, Allied Global Marketing ensures that every encounter is elevated from a simple 'leisure activity' to a significant and personalised experience, in line with the changing demands of today's discerning audience. At the end of the day, our emphasis remains firmly on establishing connections — be it with a film, a brand, a filmmaker, or an immersive experience — that are enjoyable, meaningful, and, above all, uniquely unforgettable.

Adapting to (inevitable) change

Reflecting on these insights from CineEurope and our work within the EMEA sector at Allied Global Marketing, it's clear that cinema is a perpetually evolving medium. It continues to adapt and thrive amid shifting technological landscapes and audience preferences. Through these transformations, one truth remains - the lasting magic of cinema.

As we lean into the future of cinematic experiences, it's clear that adaptation, innovation, and audience understanding remain at the heart. Want to learn more about how we help brands creative engaging experiences? Get in touch.

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