The Power of an Integrated Earned Media Approach in an Evolving Publicity Landscape

Steve Flynn, SVP, National Publicity, 08.22.23

08.22.23 Steve Flynn, SVP, National Publicity

The rise of digital media along with ever-changing consumer behavior has necessitated brands to move beyond relying solely on traditional publicity methods. In order to capture and maintain the attention of their target audience, brands must now employ additional strategies to adapt to these changes.

An integrated earned media approach can enable organizations to create a considerably more holistic and impactful marketing strategy that maximizes the benefits of both traditional and digital channels.

At AGM, our Integrated Earned Media solution mixes traditional Publicity with the power Influencer activations and Brand Experience to create a distinct offering. This mix of earned tactics can improve and enhance the traditional publicity approach in the following ways:

Expanded Audience Reach

By harnessing the power of traditional and digital channels, we help our clients reach a wider audience. While traditional publicity often targets offline channels like print or broadcast media, complimentary digital strategies such as influencer partnerships help amplify message exposure. The combination increases the likelihood of engaging a broader demographic and extends brand visibility.

A Bigger Splash

Our Brand Experience team creates tactile, immersive interactions - from live events to digital experiences to experiential activation - that let audiences engage with brands in meaningful ways. These activations create personal and emotional connections, and combined with a carefully crafted publicity strategy, those connections generate substantial earned media opportunities. Given that publicity's main goal is to manage brand perception and garner media attention, these experiences are excellent in helping us meet coverage goals.

Enhanced Credibility

While traditional publicity works to establish a client's credibility, incorporating additional earned elements amplifies it. In this digital era, when peer opinions, online reviews, and social media conversations have a strong influence, an integrated approach is necessary to effectively manage a brand's reputation. Positive endorsements from influencers attending an experiential launch, for example, help foster trust among potential consumers.

Measurable Results

Traditional publicity often inherently lacks direct measurement and attribution. An integrated earned media approach, one that includes influencer activations, for example, provides more detailed reporting through digital analytics. This reporting, often obtained in real-time, allows us to quickly pivot our strategy and refine our approach. At AGM, we track website traffic, social media interactions, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators to assess the effectiveness of our integrated earned media efforts.

Simply put, creating a rich, integrated experience can unlock a publicity goldmine, resulting in a stream of earned media opportunities. By adding both brand experiences and influencers to our publicity campaigns, we create more potent, robust earned media moments, captivating not only the direct audience but also an extended audience. Want to learn more about how we can help you amplify the impact of your marketing efforts? Get in touch.

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