The Value of Content Production

Zack McDowell, Associate Creative Director , 06.20.24

06.20.24 Zack McDowell, Associate Creative Director

Unlocking the Power of Ownable Imagery in an AI-Generated World

In the rapidly changing landscapes of marketing and entertainment, distinguishing your brand from the competition is more crucial than ever. As the world sees a surge in AI-generated branded imagery, at our agency, we recognize the essential role of original content creation. We view AI not simply as a replacement for traditional content production but as a powerful tool to enhance and elevate our creative services. By blending innovative AI solutions with our unique branded content, we cut through the noise and make our mark.

Your brand's fingerprint

In recent years, generative AI has sparked an evolution in content development, offering unparalleled opportunities for marketers and creators alike. From brainstorming new ideas to refining the final product, AI has truly transformed the way we think, create, and communicate. While AI has undoubtedly revolutionized idea generation and content refinement, sometimes it's important to step away from the machines of tomorrow and look to traditional tools to create ownable media with your brand's fingerprint embedded in every frame.

In a crowded marketplace inundated with content produced through large language models (LLMs) and recycled concepts, there is a substantial risk of fading into a sea of monotony if you follow suit. Brands that rely solely on AI-generated imagery may find themselves inadvertently replicating existing content, perpetuating a cycle that hinders innovation. As NYT best-selling author Seth Godin said, "Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable."


Our Production Crew Filming social content for web3 client Film.IO at Sundance

Creating a foundation

To break free from this pattern, we encourage our clients to draw inspiration from their own unique values, commission bespoke productions, and treat them as guiding practices for asserting their individuality. By focusing on developing unique media, brands have the opportunity to forge deeper emotional connections with their audience and create a holistic foundation for their marketing strategies.

Engaging in unique storytelling enables brands to infuse their core values into every facet of their marketing strategy. By ensuring that their brand identity permeates every photo and video, they can establish authentic and resonant connections with their audience. This can involve casting the perfect talent based on audience insights or infusing subtle value propositions through production design. By producing our own media, we gain the flexibility to personalize every moment to align with the brand's values. This approach is particularly pivotal when collaborating with our entertainment clients, where capturing new or unknown IP demands a keen eye for distinctive imagery.


Managing a virtual production from around the globe for Heineken

Using tools to your advantage

At our agency, we view AI not as an alternative to traditional content production but as a tool to elevate and enhance our services. During pre-production, we leverage our proprietary AI tool, AlliedGPT to analyze competitors and generate forward-thinking concepts, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve. We also use this generative AI to create mood boards and storyboards that reflect the imagery we intend to capture, laying the groundwork for a production that authentically continues to represent the brand's identity. Using this technology from the outset not only helps us guide the planning process but also provides insight into trends and tropes to avoid so that we can differentiate our clients and help them truly stand out. As our EVP of Creative Services, Shai Goller, states, "By striking a delicate balance between harnessing AI's capabilities and preserving human ingenuity, we can create a future where AI and human creativity work in harmony, resulting in groundbreaking advertising campaigns that truly resonate with audiences."

The interplay of data engineering and human creativity is crucial for successful content creation. While AI aids in data analysis and content generation, preserving human creativity ensures authentic audience resonance. This balance benefits the brands we work with by ensuring cultural relevance and authenticity in their content. For example, while working with one of our streaming clients, research indicated a scripted show garnered newfound popularity on the platform in the LATAM region - years after its initial release. In response, our team produced a virtual dialogue between the leading Australian actress and a popular Mexican TV personality. Despite the vast geographical distance and challenging time zones, we succeeded in capturing an authentic and market-specific conversation that resonated with their audience and deepened brand affinity.

In the post-production phase, AI seamlessly integrates into our editing process, from dialogue transcription to digital set extension and retouching. This use case was put to the test during a project for a location-based entertainment client, where inclement weather conditions threatened to derail our plans. Despite the setbacks, we leveraged AI-generated skylines to digitally extend the captured set, culminating in awe-inspiring imagery that gave prospective visitors a more enticing illustration of the guest experience.


Our teams capturing branded content for MLK Community Hospital

Embracing creativity

In the future of content creation and management, AI is expected to play an increasingly significant role in creative production. Over the next five years, AI is likely to become more advanced in areas such as image recognition, personalization, and predictive analytics, revolutionizing how content is created and targeted to consumers. To stay ahead of the curve, we are taking proactive steps to integrate the latest technology with authentic content creation. This involves investing in AI tools and platforms while also nurturing and empowering human creativity within our teams.

Embracing creativity and taking calculated risks are essential facets of successful brand storytelling. According to LIONS' "State of Creativity" report, brands that prioritize creativity are six times more likely to experience growth. Visual content plays a crucial role in building consumers' trust in a brand, and tailored visuals often aligns more closely with consumer expectations and brand perceptions than generic images. As we navigate the AI-driven landscape, it's crucial to remember that human ingenuity and a commitment to originality can elevate your content above the rest. Brands should consider this balanced approach as part of their long-term strategy to engage diverse audiences and create meaningful connections with consumers.

What's the answer?

We understand the transformative power of ownable imagery in a market that is flooded with generic content. The advantages of integrating bespoke production allows for scalable, data-driven content while maintaining the unique flair and authenticity that human creativity brings. By fusing the latest AI technology with our unwavering commitment to creativity, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible. Want to learn more about our approach to, delivering compelling and distinctive content that deeply resonates globally - one captivating visual at a time? Get in touch.

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