XR Game On! Dive into the Action with Social Lenses

Shai Goller, EVP, Creative Solutions , 09.26.23

09.26.23 Shai Goller, EVP, Creative Solutions

Effective marketing is all about captivating your audience through impactful branded moments. The world of Extended Reality (XR, or the catch-all term to refer to augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality) opens virtually limitless opportunities for brands to create activations that make an impression on their audiences. With the steady growth of this sector and ongoing investments by major tech companies (Apple, Meta) this space continues to become more important every day.

Perhaps the biggest limitation to this exciting technology is that most people don't own a VR headset yet, which means they can't engage with the most cutting-edge XR experiences. But fret not, brands looking to dip their toes in XR can do so relatively easily via AR filters, which they can create on TikTok, Meta and Snapchat, some of the social platforms with the highest numbers of daily active users.

We have developed AR filters for a variety of clients as a way to boost brand impact and amplify engagement. Here are a few different ways ways we've done this:

Face Modifiers - Character Makeover:

Transform into fictional characters instantly. Our lens for Shudder's "The Home for Halloween" brought their spooky key art to life by turning viewers into an interactive pumpkin in front of an animated haunted house scene.

Content Recommenders - Personalized Serendipity:

Crack the binge-worthy series code. Our lens for ALLBLK randomly recommends popular titles based on a theme, adding a touch of surprise and excitement to users' TV series playlist.

Both of these examples demonstrate the power of AR as a means of providing the tools for fans to share their excitement around a product with others.

While the adoption of VR headsets may still be limited, brands can still leverage XR technology through AR filters on widely used social platforms. Allied Global Marketing has successfully developed AR filters for various clients, showcasing the power of AR in allowing fans to share their excitement and connect with others.

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