The Rise of Low-Calorie & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Rob Walsh, VP, Brand Experience , 10.05.23

10.05.23 Rob Walsh, VP, Brand Experience

Industries are impacted by societal trends, and the alcohol sector is no exception. As we place a continual focus on personal wellbeing and health-conscious living, the alcohol industry has responded innovatively, catering to these wellness trends through the introduction of low-calorie spirits, low-sugar cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Global Data reports in their recent publication, "Top Trends in Alcoholic Beverages 2023," health and wellness is the principal factor when consumers purchase alcoholic drinks. Research by DataM backs up this report, valuing the non-alcoholic beverages market at over $750.6 billion, predicting 6.5% CAGR 2023 - 2030, equating to $1,242.3 billion by 2030.

Heineken 0.0 - One for the Road Bar

Health trends' influence in alcohol industry

As health norms shift, so does the consumer demand for healthier alcoholic beverages. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly alcohol options have seen a rise as consumers demand transparency on what goes into their drinks. Organic alcohol brands are also gaining traction as more and more consumers opt for products with minimal chemical additives.

At Allied Global Marketing, our Strategy and Innovation team conducts thorough audience and market research, uncovering key insights to fuel a comprehensive marketing strategy. These insights, combined with our proprietary knowledge and tools, allow us to deliver a tailored yet authentic consumer experience. By ensuring we understand the target audience, their preferences, and their behaviors, we reach them where they are - maximizing engagement. Our Brand Experience team has helped Heineken 0.0 navigate this new world by helping them physically reach more consumers in non-traditional ways and place the brand front and center of the health and wellness conversation. The One for the Road campaign took authentic social moments, where consumption of beer would normally not be considered, and offered consumers the opportunity to bring "beer" into the conversation.

What does the future hold?

A significant surge in health-conscious beverages can be anticipated in the coming years. As consumers become more aware of their health and well-being, it can be expected that alcohol brands will expand their portfolios by introducing drinks with less sugar, fewer calories, and additional health benefits. Furthermore, non-alcoholic beverages will continue to hold a significant share in the market as they cater to those aiming for balance versus abstinence.


Adapting to a health-focused approach is now essential for brands, emphasizing wellness and balance but not losing sight of the moments consumers love and expect from drinks brands. With our consumer insights and forward-thinking strategies, Allied Global Marketing is equipped to support brands through this new world of wellness and the demands that it brings to the category. Brands who continue to adapt and innovate, will thrive long into the future and for consumers it's positive news too, as they can now well and truly have their cake beer and eat drink it too.

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