Introducing Brands on Threads: Making a Unique Impression

July 21, 2023 • Danyelle McGill, SVP, Social Media & Influencer Marketing

With the massive influx of users to the new platform, competition for visibility on Threads requires a standout approach. This innovative social networking app allows brands to connect directly with their target audience in a fresh and exciting way.

Stand Out in a Red Ocean

Making a brand stand out on Threads requires a unique introduction that grabs attention amidst a sea of content. One effective way to achieve this is through storytelling. At Allied, we craft compelling stories on behalf of our clients that are designed to resonate with their audience and showcase their unique value proposition. Whether it's a text post, video, or static image, the key is to create content that evokes emotion and encourages interaction.

The choice between different post formats - text only, video, or static images - depends on client goals and the story we want to tell.

  • Text-only posts can be engaging, letting brands share concise and impactful messages. This format works best for informative content, quick updates, or thought-provoking questions that encourage meaningful conversations within the Threads community.
  • Video content has become increasingly popular across social media platforms, and we expect Threads will be no exception. We leverage videos to tell captivating stories, showcase client products in action, or create how-to guides. With the ability to autoplay, videos grab attention and increase the likelihood of engagement. While it's tempting to go long (Threads allows up to 5 minutes), we generally advise our clients to keep videos short, visually appealing, and easy to consume on mobile devices.
  • Static images remain an effective way to capture attention and convey brand messaging visually. High-quality images can evoke emotions and pique curiosity, prompting users to explore further. We use them to showcase products, introduce new collections, or simply create visually appealing content that aligns with our client's brand identity.

Driving Organic Reach

While paid media is a common way to extend reach on social media platforms, Threads offers opportunities for organic growth without relying on it. We focus on creating valuable, shareable content for our clients that resonates with their audience. We encourage users to engage with posts through calls to action or by posing questions that spark conversations. The more users interact with our content, the more likely it is to be seen by others, enhancing the brand's reach and visibility on the platform.

Unlike the other Meta platforms, "Threads has announced plans to offer decentralization (via ActivityPub), which would let users interact with Threads content on different apps. Morning Consult reports that nearly four out of ten consumers are already interested in social media decentralization, even though it's far from a mainstream content. What does this mean? It means we're working with our clients to prepare for content ON Threads that might be consumed OFF Threads.

Engaging social media influencers on Threads differs slightly from doing so on other platforms due to its unique community-oriented nature. When collaborating with influencers, we prioritize authenticity and aligning with relevant influencers within their niche. On Threads, influencers can take brands behind the scenes, share exclusive content, or provide insider tips. By integrating influencers seamlessly into the Threads experience, we let our clients tap into the trust and authority the influencers have built with their followers, driving genuine engagement and fostering brand advocacy.

In Summary

  • Introducing a brand on Threads offers exciting opportunities to captivate audiences and build authentic connections.
  • To make a brand stand out, we focus on crafting compelling stories, using post formats strategically, and creating valuable content designed to drive engagement.
  • We achieve expanded organic reach by fostering conversations and interactions within the Threads community, staying aware the messaging may eventually extend beyond Threads to users of other platforms
  • We design influencer collaborations to emphasize authenticity and relevance, leveraging their unique position to engage and connect with audiences on this platform.

Looking to stay creative, innovative, and ready to adapt to the evolving landscape of Threads? Get in touch!

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